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The Agile Architect

The International Association of Software Architects (IASA) in Israel was honored to host a talk by Johanna Rothman last week (June/21/2011). Johanna Rothman is a consultant, author and speaker with vast experience with project management. She was visiting Israel and … Continue reading

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The Single Question Interview

The routine of a software developer normally turns around design, implementation and testing. But hopefully there will be times in which the team needs to grow, and then he will be asked to do something extraordinary: Interviews. In the software … Continue reading

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Divide-and-Conquer: Coping with Complexity

Sometimes a problem is simply too complex for us to solve. Our only chance seems to be breaking it into smaller parts that we know how to deal with. This strategy of reducing the complexity of a problem by dividing … Continue reading

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On Bubbles and the Value of Data

In a recent article at Newsweek, Daniel Lyons claims that: “Data, by itself, is worthless. Facebook is betting it can create software algorithms to extract value from that data—essentially to perform a kind of techno-alchemy and turn zillions of meaningless … Continue reading

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