Adaptable Design Up Front

In 2013, I proposed the approach of Adaptable Design Up Front (ADUF) for Agile, incremental software development. My proposition generated several interesting discussions on LinkedIn groups, and I got great feedback.

A collection of all my posts on ADUF can be found here.

Here are my slides that summarize the main ideas behind ADUF:

Here is a video in which I explain ADUF (in English):

Below are some  peer software architects who also wrote interesting  articles about ADUF in response to my original posts:

Rafiq Gemmail (@InfoQ):

Advice on When to Repay Technical Debt

Gene Hughson:

Emergence versus Evolution

Anthony Langsworth:

Big Design Up Front versus Emergent Design

Chris Carroll:

Just Enough Design Upfront? How to draw the line between enough and too much

Danny Varod:

Lecture review: A truly great perspective on Software Architecture

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