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Looking for a job in Israel: Product-Oriented versus Service-Oriented companies

I’ve been working as a mentor at Gvahim since 2014, helping Olim (new immigrants) find jobs in the Israeli hi-tech industry. In this post I would like to write about one important aspect of the Startup Nation, and the reason … Continue reading

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Remote Working is Here to Stay: Good or Bad?

One of the most interesting changes in the year of 2020 was the high increase in the number of people working from home. According to this article from the World Economic Forum, “roughly 35 to 40% of employees in developed economies … Continue reading

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Employability and the Three Stages of a Successful Career Path

I have many young friends who ask for my personal advice on long-term career strategies. Of course it seems that today almost everyone dreams about becoming an entrepreneur and having his own start-up company. But as a Plan B, if … Continue reading

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How to find the best candidates without interviews

Interviewing candidates for a job is a very expensive process. If your intention is to hire only the best people, as it should be, you will probably have to interview dozen of candidates until you find one good match. And … Continue reading

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An Interview Question for Fresh Graduates

It is extremely difficult to evaluate a candidate in a job interview, and even more difficult if this candidate is a fresh graduate. In this case we can talk about his grades, the courses he took and the projects he … Continue reading

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Learning from a Shipwreck

In the last week we followed the story of the Costa Concordia disaster, the cruise ship that partially sank after hitting a reef off the Italian coast. When I first heard about it, I could not understand how this was … Continue reading

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The Single Question Interview

The routine of a software developer normally turns around design, implementation and testing. But hopefully there will be times in which the team needs to grow, and then he will be asked to do something extraordinary: Interviews. In the software … Continue reading

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Soft Skills vs. Software Skills

When building a team of software developers, it is very important to define the profile of the engineers we want to compose it: Do we want to give importance mostly to the software skills, or do we want also to … Continue reading

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Nothing is more effective than enthusiasm

We all know that some programmers are much more effective than others. In one study, it was shown that the best programmers are ten times more efficient than the worse programmers. This degree of difference has not been observed in … Continue reading

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