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Lean Software Development: Before and After the Last Responsible Moment

The Last Responsible Moment (LRM) is a lean development principle defined as: “A strategy of not making a premature decision but instead delaying commitment and keeping important and irreversible decisions open until the cost of not making a decision becomes … Continue reading

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The End of Agile: Death by Over-Simplification

There is something basically wrong with the current adoption of Agile methods. The term Agile was abused, becoming the biggest ever hype in the history of software development, and generating a multi-million dollar industry of self-proclaimed Agile consultants and experts … Continue reading

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Coping with Change in Agile Software Development

Traditional software development methodologies, such as Waterfall, tried to follow a series of isolated steps: First you define all the system requirements, then you devise a detailed system design that satisfies these requirements, and then you implement the system according … Continue reading

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