My Talks

talkHere are the talks I gave in recent years. In each post you will find the abstract of the talk, the slides and the video recording.

Adaptable Design Up Front

Adaptable Design Up Front talk at USP (in Portuguese)

The Role of the Software Architect

Software Quality Attributes

The SOLID Principles Illustrated by Design Patterns

Antifragile Software Design

Adaptable Design Up Front (in English)

Adaptable Designs for Agile Software Development

KashKlik at Pitch Tonight

Interview: Influencer Marketing

Interview: Le monde de la Start-up (in French)

The Story of a Young Oleh – Taglit 2019 (in Portuguese)

Interview: The Israeli Startups Ecosystem (in Portuguese)

Webinar: Managing your Reputation (in Portuguese)

I hope you enjoy these talks. Your comments are welcome!

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