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Self Management: The Balance Between Body, Mind and Soul

In my recent studies at ThePowerMBA, one of my favorite modules has been the one about Self Management, which focuses on the management of our limited personal resources. In general, when people discuss this subject, they focus on Time Management, … Continue reading

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Do we really need New Year’s Resolutions?

We are approaching the Jewish New Year. In general, in our New Year’s Resolutions, we always think about what we need to change: for example, we may decide to take an interesting course or start a revolutionary diet. However, this … Continue reading

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The Etrog, Idealism and Concrete Choices

In the holiday of Succot, Jews make a blessing over the Four Species, including a special fruit called the Etrog. The Etrog is similar to a lemon, but it has a different shape and delicious smell. In the past the … Continue reading

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On Developer Wisdom and Software Quality Attributes

What is wisdom? In order to answer this question, we will look into some ancient Jewish texts. From the Talmud (Tamid 32A), compiled 1500 years ago: “Who is wise? He who discerns what is about to come to pass.” In … Continue reading

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The Seven Rules of Effective Communication

In every professional environment, it is essential to communicate effectively with your peers. This is particularly true during meetings, in which people expect to discuss a subject, reach conclusions and make related decisions in a short time. Here are seven … Continue reading

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Hanukkah and Iterative Software Development

Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that is celebrated during eight days. The tradition is to light candles every day, starting with one candle in the first day, then two candles in the second day, and continue adding one candle a … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Agile Development

What is wisdom? This is a definition from the Ethics Resource Center: “The ability to make good judgments based on what you have learned from your experience.” According to this definition, a wise man is someone with vast knowledge and … Continue reading

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