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On the Real Danger of Quick-and-Dirty Programming

As in Dijkstra‘s quote above, when people criticize Quick-and-Dirty programming they are in general focusing on the negative impact in the system being developed. Software that is built following a Quick-and-Dirty approach will certainly have some serious deficiencies, which are … Continue reading

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Do SOLID design principles make code slow?

This week one of the readers of my blog asked me this question: “Do SOLID design principles make code slow?” I think this is a very interesting question, which I have already encountered several times during my 20 years as … Continue reading

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Conference Talk – Hayim Makabee on Software Quality Attributes

This week I participated in the Twentieth International Conference of the Israel Society for Quality in Tel-Aviv, giving a talk about “Software Quality Attributes”. Title: Software Quality Attributes Abstract:  The quality of software systems may be expressed as a collection of Software Quality … Continue reading

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Attention Agile Programmers: Project Management is not Software Engineering

I’m happy to see so many software developers who are enthusiastic about Agile methods. It’s nice when people enjoy their work. However, I think there is a problem: Some teams are giving too much emphasis to Project Management activities, while … Continue reading

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35 Agile Development Best Practices

How Agile are you? It seems that nowadays most software developers claim they are doing Agile. However, it is also a well-known fact that many teams are only following part of the practices that characterize Agile software development. In the … Continue reading

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My first computer, 30 years ago…

So we have reached the year 2013, and this reminds me of my first computer, which I got in 1983, or 30 years ago. It was a Brazilian CP-500, compatible with the original TRS-80 model III. It had 64K of … Continue reading

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