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Four Myths of Software Evolution

As software developers, we know that our systems will evolve with time. We must understand the forces that drive this evolution, in order to design systems that are easily evolvable. Unfortunately, many programmers have misconceptions about the real drivers of … Continue reading

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Communication Problems in Software Projects

The cartoon above is the best illustration I know for the so usual communication problems in software projects. This difficulty to capture the customer needs and correctly translate them in the form of requirements, design and working code is one … Continue reading

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Hanukkah and Iterative Software Development

Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that is celebrated during eight days. The tradition is to light candles every day, starting with one candle in the first day, then two candles in the second day, and continue adding one candle a … Continue reading

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Is a square a rectangle? – On the importance of definitions

Before you continue reading this post, please answer the following question:  “Is a square a rectangle?” This is apparently a very simple question, to which we should be able to answer almost immediately, without even thinking about it. However, if … Continue reading

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