IASA Israel Meeting – Lior Israel on TDD as an Approach for Software Design

The International Association of Software Architects (IASA) in Israel organized a special event with the participation of Lior Israel, who talked about the “TDD as an Approach for Software Design”.

Title: Providing Business Value Through TDD

Abstract: Our goal is to provide to our customers business value. In my daily work as an architect I show how to provide business value with quality in short feedback time. One of the best ways to provide business value is TDD, and this means adopting TDD for all the game player’s not only for developers! The presentation will be based on code examples. Outline:
– TDD overview as way of thinking – I am going to demo the simple truth: TDD is NOT unit testing.
– Let’s start coding code Kata – The best way to understand it is through a real example.
– Stop! Are we going to meet the DoD? We are going to see that TDD lead us to verify that we understand the business value not at the end of development but at the beginning.
– Architecture & TDD – demonstrate that TDD puts us on the right side of the sun (Architecture). We only need to do it as TDD way.

Bio: Lior Israel is an experienced software and hardware developer, designer and System Architect. Lior started his studies of Electronics in the early 1990’s and has a degree in Computer Sciences. He has a practical formal experience of over 19 years with software and hardware development and design. Currently working as a Software Architect on large scale IT applications with cutting edge technologies. Lior has a blog in which he writes about software development: http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/lior_israel/

These are the original slides of Lior’s presentation:

Here is the video of the talk (in Hebrew):

This meeting was organized with the cooperation of ILTAM and sponsored by SAP Labs Israel. Special thanks to Dima Khalatov who helped with the organization.

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