IASA Israel Meeting – Dror Helper on TDD as an Approach for Software Design

The International Association of Software Architects (IASA) in Israel organized a special event with the participation of Dror Helper, who talked about the “TDD as an Approach for Software Design”.

Title: Designing with Tests

Abstract: Unit tests are great, they help a developer gain control over his code and catch bugs and regression issues. Test Driven Development is a methodology that uses unit tests but it’s not about writing unit tests – in fact the tests are only a design tool. TDD is a methodology that solves problems in an iterative way, it’s about emergent design that creates a maintainable solution. In this session I’ll talk about common mistakes and misconceptions, how to benefit from TDD and show how to design your code using unit tests.

Bio: Dror Helper is a senior consultant at CodeValue specializing in engineering practices. He has been writing software professionally for more than a decade, during which he has worked for industry giants such as Intel and SAP as well as small start-up companies. Dror has designed and developed software in various fields including video streaming, eCommerce, performance optimization and unit testing tools. His first encounter with agile happened a few years ago while working for Typemock Ltd, since then he has been evangelizing agile wherever he goes — at his work, speaking at conferences and today as a consultant. In his blog (http://blog.drorhelper.com) Dror writes about programming languages, software development tools, unit testing and anything else he finds interesting.

These are the original slides of Dror’s presentation:

Here is the video of the talk (in Hebrew):

This meeting was organized with the cooperation of ILTAM and sponsored by SAP Labs Israel. Special thanks to Dima Khalatov who helped with the organization.

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