Conference Talk: Tomer Peretz on “Ensuring Software Alignment”

poster14Last week at the Twentieth International Conference of the Israel Society for Quality in Tel-Aviv, Tomer Peretz gave a talk about “Ensuring Software Alignment”.

Title: Ensuring Software Alignment


Knowing where to allocate the project resources is the one of the key factors for a good product. One may spend a lot of resources on creating a quality product and an efficient development process, but if the end user don’t use your product in the way you expected him or don’t use the functionality you invested in, all your efforts are in vain. Software alignment to end user needs and to the organization business values is one of the software measurements that are significant to understand how to use the development resources more effectively. Collecting, prioritizing and managing quality attributes is just the first step for creating the “right” software, but sometimes those quality attributes are based on assumptions that turn out as false assumptions. Validating those assumptions in early stages of the project can be critical to the project success. However this is not an easy task. Lately, more and more companies understand that understanding customer needs and validating assumptions that the requirements are based on is not entirely a marketing task but also a development task. The ability to measure alignment with the customer needs and to do it with techniques similar to the ones used today to measure other performance factors, has introduce customer alignment as measurement that help reduce waste and to create more efficient development process.

Bio: In the last 14 years Tomer Peretz played different roles of developing, managing and mentoring at Orbotech. In his current role as a chief software architect he leads the company software architecture group. Tomer also serves as presidency member at ILTAM (The Israeli Users’ Association of Advanced Technologies in Hi-Tec Integrated Systems). Tomer has B.A and M.Sc (with honors) in Computer Science.

These are the original slides of Tomer’s presentation:

Here is the video of the talk (in Hebrew):

This session was organized with the cooperation of ILTAM.

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