Conference Talk: Lior Bar-On on “The Five Expertise Areas of an Architect”

sw-arch-2014-headerDuring the First Israeli Conference on Software Architecture, Lior Bar-On gave a talk about “The Five Expertise Areas of an Architect”.

Title: The Five Expertise Areas of an Architect

Abstract: Architect is an ambiguous role, for an ambiguous craftsmanship. Over the years I’ve participated a number of discussions, and even complete workshops, asking “What is an Architect?” or “What is the Architect’s Role?”. With time, I’ve built myself a simple “model” that explains what an Architect is – and in the session I will share the insights I have.

Bio: Lior is a Senior Development Architect at SAP, working with developers, product, UX, operations and all other relevant parties that are needed in order to create great software. Previously Lior was also a System Architect at Imperva, a Product Owner from time to time, and a developer in C# (rich client), C (Kernel), Java (Server) and JavaScript (Web/Mobile). Lior is also the author of a blog on Software Architecture, the “Software Archiblog” (in Hebrew).

These are the original slides of Lior’s presentation:

Here is the video of the talk (in Hebrew):

The conference was organized with the cooperation of ILTAM.

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